Click here to read my latest blog for the Association of Middle Level Educators on creating norms when nothing is normal.  

Click here to read my blog for supporting the parent-teacher relationship during COVID-19.  

Is your school thinking about the parent-teacher relationship as we teach together during COVID-19? Association for Middle Level Education invited me to offer a webinar "Putting the pieces together by nurturing the parent-teacher relationship" watch here.

Self-care for teachers, part one of three of supporting schools during COVID-19.  

‘You want to see privilege?  Go to the water fountain,’ declared a 7th grader. ‘Think about it, the biggest, fastest kids get water first’ added another student ‘AND the most popular kids get to cut in line.’ I have always believed all employees of the school are part...

As a long-time Middle School educator, I have always admired the Association of Middle-Level Educators.  Last year I had the honor of presenting a session at the conference, this year I will present two sessions, and had this piece featured in the October, 2019 issue o...

Connecting school trustees to diversity work.  I was honored to co-present with the incomparable, Lauren Brownlee at the People of Color Conference (National Association of Independent Schools) on engaging trustees in diversity work and to sit for an interview together...

First and foremost schools are for students as we consider the walk out and March for Our Lives many schools wonder how to respond.  It is vital to remember students cannot learn if they feel unsafe, unheard, and undervalued. Adults need to create spaces to let their v...

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April 1, 2020

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