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In science, the Delta symbol (Δ) represents change and in Greek Mythology the symbol represents a doorway. Jen's philosophy is rooted in the belief that kids should be seen and heard at all times.  Adults need to create opportunities for kids to be visible and use their voices in ways that work for them.  


The LEΔD program is designed to put Jen's philosophy into action by empowering student and adult participants to affect change and be leaders for themselves and others as new doorways are created and opened.   The Institute will create opportunities for participants to serve as change agents in their lives and in their communities. We are gathering together innovative 'thinkers' and 'doers' to design the Institute focusing on:

· Deepening their understanding of themselves

· Challenging their understanding of others

· Broadening their cultural competency

· Expanding their skills for presentation of self


Our preliminary discussions have been dynamic and contagious, we can't wait to share that energy with you! 


Save the date for three day institute beginning July 8, 2016!


Think Tank Session

Jeff Ransom, Stephanie Folarin, Lauren Brownlee, Michelle Parker, Frankie Brown, Sam Danish, Jen Cort, Ashlee McKinnon and Jordan Ashby