Elephants on Parade

"Inviting The Elephants In The Room To Tea" is more than a motto for Jen, it is her mission.  Too often what is not being said is the most influential part of a conversation.  Jen seeks to not only name the elephants in the room but to invite them into the conversation allowing all participants to be authentic and honest.  

Jen is delighted when individuals and groups she works with highlight this part of her mission.  

Screen Shot 2020-05-23 at 12.52.17 PM

When Johnnie Foreman invited Jen to work with the faculty and staff, she said 'yes' before he finished the request. Jen was happy to see on a return visit the elephant paperclip thank you gifts, now new accessories, used to remind each other of the discussion.

IGBuild on the ideas of others

That incredible moment when a webinar attendees sent a piece of original artwork because it reminded her of the message conveyed.


When your best friend sends you a tin of tea and an elephant teapot, you know are seen.

IMG_3938 (1)

Debby Irving, anti-racist educator, and author of "Waking Up White" models for Jen "I love this gift so much I’ve turned it into my everyday necklace."

Screen Shot 2020-05-14 at 5.31.33 PM

When your daughter, founder of Not In Our Town (a program focusing on anti-racism and anti-bullying) helps you make gift bags and forms a statement in support of the LGBTQ++ community.

Screen Shot 2020-05-14 at 5.24.15 PM

Receiving this original work by John Regan of Friends Academy moved Jen to speechlessness and now hangs in her office in a position where all zoom calls can see it.


Lawrence Alexander of Carney Sandoe shows Jen the elephant keychain sent as a 'thank you' for being on Third Space.

Crefeld School

The hosts of the National Small Schools Conference, Crefeld School giving a shoutout with a bookmark given as a thank you for inviting Jen to speak!

Friends School of Harford

A teacher attending Jen's "Intersection between Quakerism and Diversity Workshop" sent this with a thank you note.


Penny Evins and Cynthia Garland of St. Paul's School for Girls gifted Jen with these mugs. One had arrived with a chip in it so they ordered another and gave both with a note 'one for your pencils and one for your tea'.

Elephant Printed Bags of Tea

St. Elizabeth High School gave all participants of the leadership evening these hand stamped bags filled with tea.

Principals Day

When Jen was a principal, the administrative team gave her this note and mug describing how she reminded them of an elephant. She keeps both in her office to remind her to strive to be strong, gentle, and steady.

St. Paul's School for Girls

Last day of school. The elephant bag (one of Jen's gifts to Heads of Schools) is used to bring home the work produced!

Green Acres School

Green Acres School counselor and Diversity Coordinator, Ann Danner uses an elephant phone stand.

Gift of thoughtfulness

A friend dropped off this shirt as a token of support.

TED Education, Elephant Intelligence

Understanding the complexity of elephants, this video was sent to Jen by a student who is working on a paper about how we are like elephants.


Gift from a Head of School with the message "First, you might have to serve as a ringmaster of a three ring circus but I know you will get the elephants to join you for tea"

Screen Shot 2020-05-23 at 12.50.01 PM

This participant of several workshops wore the elephant paperclips Jen gave him to every session stating "to remind me to invite the elephants in the room to tea."

Promoting Racial Literacy in Schools

Jen's son sent her this picture of Howard Stevenson's book, "Promoting Race Literacy in Schools", a must read!

Founder of NIOTOBSS

Jen's daughter carrying a Jen Cort Educational Consulting bag after attending the National Science Conference in Washington, DC.

Lauren Brownlee

Lauren Brownlee shows off her Jen Cort Educational Consulting bag.

Potomac School

In the classroom where the Affinity Group Facilitation Training sessions are held

National Postal Museum Stamp

Designed, and sent to Jen by a student.

Well Wishes

National Elephant Day was a new one for Jen, but (thanks to Erin Scott) not one she will forget!

Prayer for Balance

St. Elizabeth High School lead our leadership evening with this prayer for balance. Note the "TEA" on the bottom.

Penny Evins

Head of St. Paul's School for Girls, Penny Evins, wears an elephant patterned shirt to introduce Jen to the faculty.

Friends Meeting School

Thank you Bea, faculty member at Friends Meeting School for sending this lovely thank you note!

President and First Lady Obama

Stand for protecting the elephants. Several of Jen's student sent her this image.

Artist Rendition

Jen's brother drew the logo for her. Jen asked a middle school group, 'What is needed to have the elephants on the other side of the table?" One student responded "You need to continue to work with us to create safe spaces".

Art Piece

Potomac School's art piece pointed out by a student while walking with me to our affinity group.

"Be Brave"

Jen has given her children "Be Braves" (small tokens to remind them of her when facing a challenge). One of her children gave Jen this elephant as a "Be Brave" before a presentation.

Elephant Note

Left in Jen's workbag by her daughter.

Elephant in the Room

Shared with Jen by a teacher at Pennington School

Baby elephant in ocean

Many people have tagged Jen on social media with this video.

Friends Meeting School

Head of School, Mara Nicastro, shared a picture of one of Jen's gifts of an elephant bookmark.

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