• Power and Privilege workshop provides hands-on learning about presumed privileges, stereotypes and how to use both to better reach your students.    
  • Relational Discipline model based on my years of success as a division head in significantly reducing the number of repeat disciplinary actions by working with faculty to stop problems before they begin, empowering students and educating parents.  
  • Believing kids need to be seen and heard at all times, I provide professional development for faculty, educational workshops for parents and forums for students to deepen their understanding of cultural competency. 

Thank you for your work on the new advisory programs. Teachers were very impressed with the comprehensiveness of your knowledge and preparedness, Jen. I really think we’re getting off on the right foot!

Peter Klam,

Head of Middle School

Green Acres School

My roots are in advisory/life skills program enrichment and development.  Faculty are trained in the Empower model, taught important advisory skills and receive hands on support during the writing process. Professional development, student workshops and parent workshops are all provided as integral components to the program's success.    Schools using this advisory model include Bullis, Sidwell Friends, Green Acres and Green Street Friends.
Look here for 50 easy advisory activities.
LEΔD Program provides student leadership, empowerment, activisim and planning skills. 
Life Skills




I have never worked with someone who is as intimately in touch with, and passionate about issues surrounding student support as Jen Cort.  Jen truly makes every student who comes in contact with her feel seen and heard in a meaningful way.  She knows how to create an environment where tolerance, individuality and student voice are at the forefront.  

Montanna Wilson,

Head of Middle School

St. Paul's School for Girls



Empowered partnership is a model of education for both parents and schools.  This model is rooted in teaching the youngest of children to identify their feelings, articulate those feelings and to act as a self-advocate.  Three schools now use all or parts of this model (mostly focused on areas of the program designed to teach self-advocacy skills, convey a sense of community, develop leadership skills, focus on diversity among other life skills taught)- Click Here for more.  One component of the Empowerment Model is Relational Discipline the idea that disciplinary interactions can be seen and utilized as learning opportunities in such a manner that they are not repeated. 
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Check out my blog and look here for publications on raising Middle Schoolers (co-authored with my son), a perceived privileges self-assessment and articles.