Jen Is Working With These Schools and Organizations in 2016-17

And the list is growing!

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Leadership Cohort

Leadership Cohort 2017-2018 is launching! Feedback on our pilot year has been great, looking forward to the next adventure!

Montessori Administrators Assoc.

Montessori Administrators Association has invited Jen to speak at their retreat connecting the theme of kindness to equity and inclusion

Middle School Diversity Leadership

East Ed Middle School Diversity Leadership Conference Jen is a proud member of the faculty!

Latin School of Chicago

Latin School of Chicago Jen continues her support of the advisory program in the middle school by presenting to parents and offering a day long faculty professional development workshop.

Bullis School

Bullis School Jen has begun working with Bullis School supporting their focus on equity.

Sidwell Friends School

Sidwell Friends School Jen joined Philip McAdoo to co-lead a book club for parents.

National Small Schools Conference

National Small Schools Conference Jen will offer a session on "Supporting your diversity programming when your budget does not support a diversity coordinator"

Leading Age PEAK

PEAK Conference Jen was pleased to be part of a panel connecting elder care concerns and education.

Baltimore Montessori School

Baltimore Montessori School Conference Jen was pleased to be on the staff of their first conference offering sessions for teachers and parents.

Seton Keough

Seton Keough Even as the faculty faces closure they continue their work on navigating difficult conversations and remaining mission focused.

Sandy Spring Friends School

Sandy Spring Friends School hosted a collaborative workshop with Brooke Carroll on Responding to Mental Health Crises in Schools.

Friends School of Hafford

Friends School of Hafford invited Jen to work with lower and middle school students on being change makers.


Jen presented at National Association of Independent Schools with Penny Evins and Aisha Mason at St. Paul's School for Girls

Friends Meeting School

Together with students, we are developing a Restorative Resolutions Program!

Edmund Burke School Trustees

Jen lead the diversity dive at the trustee retreat.

Bryn Mawr School

Jen has been asked to work with Lauren Brownlee and the amazing team at Bryn Mawr School.

AIMS Heads Assistants Retreat

Jen co-lead a retreat for the phenomenal assistants or division heads and heads of school.

Navigating Difficult Topics

We’ve all had that moment when we know we’re about to have a very uncomfortable conversation: our mind races to try to get ahead of what’s coming, our hearts pound, and we are still trying to listen and be diplomatic. These conversations don’t have to happen this way! This three-hour workshop can totally transform the way you plan for and experience conflict. Join co-leaders Jen Cort and Brooke Carroll for an interactive workshop to engage in proactive planning for the difficult conversations

Sandy Hook Promise

Sandy Hook Promise Jen was honored to be included in this important work and to be recognized for leadership in protecting students and communities.

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TABS-NAIS Global Symposium Jen will present a workshop with Michelle Pokorny-Parker, Head of Seneca Academy

Edmund Burke School

Edmund Burke School Jen is looking forward to working with trustees.

Holton Arms School

Holton Arms School Jen is providing a series of professional development workshops on diversity and inclusion.

St. Paul's School for Girls

St. Paul's School for Girls, Jen provides support to the diversity liaison.


NIOTOBSS Jen is a proud co-founder of Not In Our Town Olney Brookeville Sandy Spring


Siena School Jen is providing diversity work with a on gender expression and identity.

Potomac School

Potomac School Jen provided a parent workshop on diversity and inclusion as a college readiness skill for parents of parents of students in grades Pk-12.

Leadership cohort

Jen is the co-author of the Educational Leadership cohort with teachers from the DC and Maryland area.

Sidwell Parent Education

Sidwell Friends School Jen provided parent education to the Lower School parent peer groups.

Seton Keough School

Seton Keough School Jen provided a professional development workshop on aligning actions with school mission.

Black Student Fund

Black Student Fund Fair Jen offered a listening session at the Black Student Fund Fair for East Ed on the topic of "What is working and what are you challenged by in diversity work?"

Mindprint Learning

Mindprint Learning asked Jen to guest blog on the importance of "trusted adults" for Middle and High School kids.

Laps for Lexi

Laps for Lexi Jen is the proud sponsor and member of the organizing committee of Laps for Lexi

Friends School of Harford

Friends School of Harford Jen works with faculty on the infusing the intersection between Quakerism and diversity into their program.

Educational Leadership Cohort

Jen joins Brooke Carroll in providing a year long leadership cohort to new and emerging school leaders.

Sandy Spring Monthly Meeting

Jen serves as a trustee at Sandy Spring Monthly Meeting

Beyond Differences
Friends Meeting School

Friends Meeting School Jen is working with faculty and students on creating "Restorative Resolutions"

Association Montessori Int'l

Jen has been invited to present a session of the refresher course at the conference in February.

Latin School of Chicago

Latin School of Chicago Middle School Jen is working with on their advisory program.


NIOTOBSS (Not In Our Town Olney Brookeville Sandy Spring) Jen is a proud co-founder with her daughter of NIOTOBSS

Moorestown Friends School

Moorestown Friends Jen presented to the Lower School faculty on the intersection between Quakerism and diversity.

St. Paul's School for Girls

St. Paul's School for Girls Jen works with faculty to develop and enhance advisory programming and mentors the diversity liaison.

Christian Family Montessori School

Christian Family Montessori Jen works with faculty on understanding bias.

The Pennington School

The Pennington School Jen works with faculty on creating cultures of conversation.

The Potomac School

The Potomac School Jen provides affinity group facilitation training and parent education.

Baltimore Yearly Meeting

Baltimore Yearly Meeting Jen co-presented the intergenerational plenary session on "This Little Light of Mine"

Start Empathy

Jen continues to blog for Start Empathy.

ARC Professional Development

Jen partners with ARC to provide professional development.

Baltimore Project Connect

Jen continues to provide mental health services to those experiencing homelessness.

DC School Hub

Jen continues to blog for DC SchoolHUB

Global Education
Fable Vision

Jen continues to serve as an ambassador.

Sandy Spring Friends School

Sandy Spring Friends School Jen has provided professional development and team building.

East Ed

Jen continues to work with East Ed providing diversity programming for adults and students.

William Penn Charter School

Jen has worked with Penn Charter on their advisory program development.