Easy Tips for Navigating Technology Use With Your Child

I don’t think I am along in feeling somewhat overwhelmed when tasked with talking to my children about best uses of technology because most of us weren't exposed to the volume of information, devices, apps, games and social opportunities our kids are exposed to. This is made even more daunting when we consider that many of our kids know far more than we do about the devices available to them. It’s important to remember, while many of us think of devices as a new part of our lives they are not new for kids who are growing up seeing them as tools for communication, studying, entertainment and social connection. Feeling unprepared for these conversations we may want to avoid them, however these conversations can be manageable, I invite you to consider that talking about appropriate technology use is no different than many other conversations you have had over the years. Try replacing words such as "passwords", "social media" and "technology" with those more familiar to you such as "lock", "billboard" and "doors".