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Jen is a diversity practitioner, author, podcast host, school counselor, trustee, coach, speaker, consultant, and activist.  She has also served as a principal, school administrator, elementary, middle, and high school counselor.  Jen works throughout the United States and in multiple countries.  


All schools can and should be collaborating within and among themselves to create child-centered environments. Jen believes that schools must provide environments where students can be seen and heard to learn to be visible and use their voices in ways that work for them. Helping students be seen and listened to is a mutual obligation. Schools create safe places for students to take an academic risk, speak their minds, try a new sport, audition for the play and celebrate their authentic selves, and learn communication methods. 

To accomplish these goals, healthy schools have:

Rigorous programs where students are able to access more rigorous programs when they have self-advocacy skills, are encouraged to ask questions and are in an environment that ensures emotional, academic, and social safety

  • Expectations for the development of self-advocacy skills

  • Strong advisory programs

  • Transparency balanced with confidentiality 

  • Assessment of the program, faculty as well as students

  • Collaboration within the school as well as with the greater world

  • Active and dynamic diversity programs

  • Student leadership programs

  • Advisory Programs

  • Interactive and collaborative relationships between the administration, faculty, parents, and students

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Jen Cort's
Professional Background

Jen Cort is a diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice consultant working with schools and organizations in multiple countries.  As an educator and clinical social worker, Jen has served as an assistant head of lower school, head of a middle school, and senior administrator as well as a counselor in lower, middle and upper schools and private practice.  Jen works with groups to create sustainable and systemic change and to live out their missions regarding diversity and inclusion.  Her goal is to create spaces where students, and all community members, can be seen and heard while learning to be visible and use their voices in productive ways. 

Jen has presented at national conferences, hosts a diversity institute, is a frequent contributor to publications, and her work has been quoted in Racing Toward Diversity, Insights, Friends Journal, NAIS Independent Journal, Washington Post, Boston Globe, New York Times, and more. Jen is the host of an internationally syndicated podcast  "Third Space With Jen Cort".


Previous Experience

Head of Middle School, Sandy Spring Friends School

  • Curriculum Development

  • Diversity Program

  • Supervised Staff

  • Engaged in Community Outreach

  • Contributed to reaccreditation process

  • Created parallel programs

  • Participated in committees:

Advisory, Administrative Council, Governance, Traditions, Health and Wellness, Prevention Steering Committee, Student Support Services, Student Resource Team, E-values, Diversity (all school and divisional), Learning Differences Working Group, Gifted and Talented Working Group, Quakerism, Community and Spiritual Life.

Director of Student Support Services, Sandy Spring Friends School 2004-2010


  • Oversaw counselors, nurses and learning specialists PreK-12

  • Developed programs

  • Wrote curriculum

Cort Counseling Services, 2000-2010


  • Curriculum Development Consultant for grades PreK-8

  • Clinical Supervisor

  • Professional and curriculum development

  • Consultant to Friendship Camp

Counselor Sidwell Friends School, 1994-2000

  • Clinical support for students

  • Oversaw advisory curriculum and programmatic development

Education & Certification

  • Masters Degree in Clinical Social Work, The Catholic University of America 1993

  • Bachelors Degree of Arts with concentration in Clinical Social Work, The Catholic University of America 1991

  • Licensed Certified Clinical Social Worker, Maryland, in good standing since 1993

  • Continuing Education


Jen embraces professional development and has sought continuing education in the areas of Leadership, Principals, and Diversity. As a clinical social worker, it is her pleasure to be required to maintain 20 continuing education credits per year.