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ABC's of Parent-Teacher Conferences

Arrive on time and allow enough time for the full conference.

Bring your calendar in case a follow-up conference is needed.

Communicate your hopes, dreams, concerns and thoughts.

Develop a plan to work with the teacher to address any issues

Exchange contact information and ask about the teacher’s preferred manner of clearing up

homework and other confusions.

Focus on the home and school partnership.

Get a sense of the class.

Have fun! Our teachers are friendly, thoughtful people with interesting ideas. Enjoy your time


Involve the student resource team members if you are concerned about your child.

Jot down your thoughts prior to the conference ensuring your needs are addressed.

Keep a positive attitude. Consider that the teachers strive to support your child while challenging

him/her to move forward.

Listen. Your child needs you to be an advocate for her/himself and the most effective way to do that

is to begin with objective listening.

Make child-care arrangements for conference time.

Note taking during the conference may be useful to allow you to reflect after the meeting.

Organize your child’s study space to help ensure daily items are attended to and returned to the


Passions? Schools want to know what your child is most interested in and excited about, both in and out

of school!

Questions? Bring them to the conference. No question is too small.

Relax. This time is meant to support the home and school partnership.

Share changes in your child’s routine, life events, family situation, behavior or attitude.

Talk with your child prior to the conference. Ask what pieces of information he/she would like you

to convey.

Understand the expectations of the classroom teacher.

Volunteer for events. Most schools have volunteer options to suit varying schedules.

Work in partnership with your child’s teachers (classroom and co-curricular)

Xtra curricular activities should be mentioned to the teacher to help him/her fully know your child. Please note any extenuating events such as play-offs and/or performances.

You probably spend most of your time taking care of your child please take time for yourself too.

Zzzz! Just as it is important for your growing child to get enough sleep, it is also important for you

to get enough sleep!

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