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Jen Cort Educational Consulting Marks 6 Months

Jen Cort Educational Consulting Inviting the Elephants in the Room to Tea

Today marks the first six months of Jen Cort Educational Consulting. Starting my own business was similar to a taking a giant leap off a tall mountain without a net and has also been one of the most exciting things I have ever done. I am truly energized by this work and am humbled each time I am welcomed into a new community. The next six months will bring many exciting projects including new diversity programs, a student Leadership Institute and publishing all with the goal of creating sustainable change in communities and businesses.

There are not enough words to express my gratitude to the schools and organizations who have welcomed me including Baltimore Yearly Meeting- Youth Programs, Bullis School, Burgundy Farm School, Calverton School, East Ed, FableVision, Global Education Conference, Green Acres School, Green Meadow School, Laps for Lexi, Potomac School, Random Acts of Kindness Foundation, St. Patrick’s School, Sandy Spring Friends School, Sidwell Friends School, Sienna School, Teaching Tolerance and William Penn Charter School.

Please follow me on twitter and Pinterest @JenCortEdCon, connect on and Facebook at Jen Cort Educational Consulting or Google+ at Jen Cort.

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