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Now what? 10 things you can do today to further equity conversations

Do your own work! Look at your own social identifiers, the privilege status accompanying those identifiers and begin learning more. One resource is the Harvard Implicit Bias Test

Clarify your values. Are they clear? Known? Frequently considered? Are these values consistent in all areas of school life? If not, are they just your values? Connecting the missions of the school to the workings of the school is an important step and is a great way to involve parents and students in the conversation.

Connect the mission. Your mission statement should clearly reflect the values. Not sure if you are clear? Try asking someone at another school to read your mission statement and ask what they feel your school values from the mission statement.

Invite a viewpoint. Have someone from outside your school (local educators, activist, speakers) walk through your school day looking for visible, audible presence of your values.

Establish an expectation of examination. Such as "All members of school will engage in ongoing equity exploration in all areas of school life" and develop a manageable plan.

Put the question in the middle of the table. Ask all constituent groups what the words “equity” “diversity” and “inclusion” mean at your school. Pull together thread lines to inform your ongoing work.

Video without sound, record without pictures. If you had a camera without sound recording your school life what would we see? If you had a recorder without pictures, what would we hear?

Sit next to the questions. Waiting until you know the answers or have a clear path forward is too late. Be willing to sit next to the questions and listen to the answers.

Ensure stickiness. Include equity, diversity and inclusion to be included in curriculum review, faculty evaluations, programmatic review, policy creation and more.

Get a buddy. Find allies within your school and outside of your school to help you think, listen, reflect and learn.

Jen Cort

Educational Consulting

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