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School and Student Resources for the Walk Out

First and foremost schools are for students as we consider the walk out and March for Our Lives many schools wonder how to respond. It is vital to remember students cannot learn if they feel unsafe, unheard, and undervalued. Adults need to create spaces to let their voices be heard in a meaningful manner.


  • Provide guidelines to faculty for classroom conversations

  • Highlight that students are victims of gun violence across the Country. Many are in socioeconomically challenged communities, in urban settings, and are students of color. The momentum from Parkland needs to extend to all students.

  • Remind faculty, students, and parents of your safety plans as a school

  • Prepare for emotional responses including powerlessness, anxiety, worry, and more

  • Develop alternatives, for school choosing not to allow a walk out:

  • Create an option for students to talk and adults to listen

  • Document the ideas, feelings, thoughts shared to incorporate into your planning

  • Message your values clearly and consistently to students, parents, and faculty

  • Look ahead to March for Our Lives 3.24.18

  • Check your "adultism", ask whether the decisions being made are out of concern for adults more yhan students


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