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Reimagine"Faculty Summer Reading"

Many schools want to activate summer relaxation to reinforce ideas, prepare for initiatives, or deepen work begun and may feel that the "summer reading" is falling short of fulfilling these goals.

What if we thought about our 'summer reading' differently? What if we pick the topic(s) we around which we want engagement and provide a menu of options (with the expectation that at least one option must be selected)? An abbreviated example is offered below.

Dear faculty,

This summer we are asking the community to build on the understanding of micro-aggressions. To meet faculty and staff needs for engaging at their pace we are providing a menu of resources. Please pick at least one option and be ready to discuss using the prompts. We are also placing this menu in a shared document and invite you to contribute additional resources. The prompts informing our August discussions are below and we ask you to use your professional development journal to prepare for our opening faculty meeting discussions. We look forward to our conversations!




Blindspot, Hidden Biases of Good People by Mahzarin R. Banaji

Micro-aggressions in Everyday Life: Race, Gender and Sexual Orientation by Debra Wing Sue



Additional Resources:

Jen's Pinterest Micro-aggressions board


1. What do I know?

2. What do I want to know?

3. What are the intended and unintended messages my students hear?

4. What do I we need to consider?

Additional Contributions

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