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One Podcast, Amazing Guests, Diversity Work On Your Own Time


Are the spaces outside of home and work where we go to gather ideas and share thoughts. Listen to thought-provoking topics and deepen your understanding at your own pace. Third Space, hosted by, invites you into conversations in a series format on topics such as beginning the conversation, hiring, examining privilege, student change agents, examining curricula, and so much more!

"Opening the Conversation" our first series with guests Rosetta Lee, Rosalind Wiseman, Tre' Garnett, Rodney Glasgow, and Stephanie Akoumany.

First guest Rosetta Lee Rosetta Lee works at the Seattle Girls' School as an educator and a school-based consultant. She works with K-12 schools, colleges and universities, and nonprofits on topics such as cross cultural communication, identity development, implicit bias, inclusive classrooms, and more. Listen here!

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